Saudi royal air force still killing Yemeni civilians

This video says about itself:

Taiz market suffers drop in trade due to conflict

(20 June 2016)

Al-Shanini market in Taiz is one of the oldest in Yemen, and still boasts many of its original features.

However, the ongoing conflict has led to fewer customers visiting it.

The colourful stalls of Al-Shanini market reflect the rich history of this ancient place in the Yemeni city of Taiz.

It once supplied the city’s residents with everything they needed, from the basic to the luxurious.

For four centuries the market has been held every Monday and Thursday, its natural and handicraft products being particularly popular.
Among those are its famous cheeses, locally sourced from the province of Taiz.

The head of Al-Shanini market Farhan Ghalib says on this particular day the market is popular:

“They come down from Saber (an area at the foot of a mountain in Taiz), from villages, from each shop to Al-Shanini. And this is considered a popular market”, he says.

But many visitors and tourists have abandoned it since the conflict began more than a year ago.

Only some of the residents of Taiz continue to shop and buy here. But one local resident who has been shopping here since the 1970s, Ahmed Dabwan, is keen to highlight the merits of the market.

“All ancient crafts and all professions and all that is old you will find in this Al-Shanini market. And you’ll find the kindness and the simplicity of the people will smoothly link the past and present.”

These old shops known as Hawaneet are still kept as they were when the market started up 400 years ago.

That was how the Saudi royal dynasty’s war on Yemen damages trade in Taiz. However, this week the Saudi war impact on Taiz market became still much worse.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Yemen: Saudi led forces kill 21 civilians on eve of truce

Saturday 19th November 2016

THE US-brokered ceasefire in Yemen got off to a shaky start at midnight on Thursday after the Saudi-led invasion coalition got in one last massacre of civilians.

At least 21 people were killed earlier in the day when coalition forces shelled a market in the south-western city of Taiz, which is under the control of the Houthi-led Supreme Political Council government.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) confirmed the attack yesterday and said one of its staff was among the dead.

“Sadly, one of our colleagues who works as a watchman at the MSF trauma centre in Taiz was killed whilst he was off duty when a blast hit a local market in the neighbourhood,” said Djoen Besselink, MSF’s head of mission in Yemen.

MSF said it had treated more than 10,000 war-wounded patients in Taiz alone since May 2015 — two months into the Saudi-led bombing campaign.

What’s happening in Yemen is totally unacceptable,” Mr Besselink added.

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