Dutch anti-Semitic PSV football supporters

This video says about itself:

Auschwitz Chants ‘Not Anti-Semitic’: ADL slams Poland for allowing anti-Jewish football fan abuse

15 January 2014

The Anti-Defamation League has called on the authorities in the Polish city of Poznan to reverse a decision not to bring charges against fans of local football club Lech Poznan who were heard making anti-Semitic chants during a match against Widzew Lodz in September. The local prosecutor declined to pursue criminal charges after deciding the chants were directed at Lodz players, and not intended to harm Jews in general. But ADL chief Abe Foxman disagrees.

It turns out, according to Dutch broadcasing organisation Omroep Brabant today, that this week fans of Dutch football club PSV in a McDonald’s restaurant sang an anti-Semitic song. Translation: ‘My father was a commando, My mother was in the SS, Together they burned Jews, Because Jews burn best’.

Police are thinking about where there will be a prosecution or not.

UPDATE 9 December 2017: here.

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