Advertising con men, bad PSV football sponsors

This January 2018 video says about itself:

Known Forex Scams To Avoid: Forex Robot Scams, Fake Brokers & Spread Manipulation ☠️

Forex can be a really shady place to be involved in and there are a lot of scams out there.

1) Managing money service – someone in a social forum or bar trying to convince you to give him money to manage it for you. Obviously, there are proper management fund services out there and hedge funds (that are regulated) if you want to do this.
2) Fake brokers – not regulated or clones of regulated firms or brokers with a fake regulation website.
3) Robots – not all automated systems are scams but there are robots being advertised like fruit machine slot robots.
4) Spread manipulation – not so much anymore, especially regulated firms can’t get away with this anymore. But with unregulated brokers, it is a different story…

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

PSV sponsor in controversy because of ‘shady fake ads’

The Investous corporation will continue to be an official PSV sponsor until the end of next year. That says a spokesperson for the Eindhoven football club now that the company has been discredited due to fraudulent practices. In the TV program ‘Opgelicht’ [Deceived], it turned out yesterday evening that the sponsor uses ads to seduce gullible people to invest in bitcoins, gold or shares.

Fake ads on social media lead to fake news articles with made-up quotes from Dutch celebrities such as Waylon or Jort Kelder. The articles resemble pieces from the NOS or the Volkskrant daily. Whoever clicks through is brought into contact with ‘brokers’, who then offer extremely risky investments. Investous turns out to be the company behind these advertisements.

According to the research program, the chance that the investments will generate a profit is only ten percent. Several people have lost tens of thousands of euros because of the advertisements, Omroep Brabant regional broadcasting organisation writes.

Not illegal

Investous does not do anything illegal. The company is based in Cyprus, where supervision is much more superficial than in the Netherlands. PSV spokesperson Thijs Slegers tells in the TV program that five complaints about the sponsor have arrived at the club. PSV has asked the company to take the complaints seriously and resolve them.

Investous did not want to appear in front of the camera of the TV program.

The NOS article does not mention another, bigger sponsor of PSV: Philips corporation. Philips in fact founded PSV in 1913. Recently, Philips is involved in briberry scandals; eg, in Poland and in Brazil.

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