Young American barred owls leaving nest

This video from North America says about itself:

Baby Barred Owl with Barred Owl Adults Hooting

A baby Barred Owl exhibiting “branching” behavior the first stage of leaving the nest for owls. Watch as the baby is fascinated with the sights and sounds of the world around it as the bird sees things for the first time. The young owl passes a pellet in the video and also climbs around along the branch of a Texas Red Oak.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA today:

Last night the oldest owlet left the nest box and set out somewhat accidentally into the wide world. Over the next few days don’t miss the chance to see the last two owlets on our Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl cam take their first few steps outside the nestbox, a process called “branching.”

Barred Owls are among the earliest owls to leave the nest, and the owlets on our cam are ready to leave, only 33 days after hatching! During that time the adults have showered them with attention and kept them fed with a supply of vertebrate and invertebrate prey that included crayfish, worms, and even migratory birds.

Each year Wild Birds Unlimited picks 3-5 sets of potential names for the owlets and allows the viewing audience to choose. Cast your vote and you’ll also be entered in a drawing for a new bird feeder! Be sure to catch the owlets branching while watching the action inside. Thanks for watching!

12 thoughts on “Young American barred owls leaving nest

  1. I had rescued an owlet…. Fed it chicken liver…. And me and my son used to give it flying lessons everyday…. After two weeks it flew away…. And used to perch on our window. Whenever we used to go out in late evening… He used to fly low… And perch nearby. We had named him tuk-tuk…. He is a free bird…


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