Extremadura, Spain, birds, arrival

This video is about birds in Extremadura province in Spain. Including bee-eater, red-rumped swallow, Eurasian crag martin, rock bunting, black stork, eagle owl, vultures, great spotted cuckoo, black-winged and red kite.

This video is the sequel.

On 9 April 2016, we went to Extremadura. Early in the morning at the railway station, it was still dark. Yet, a blackbird and a great tit already sang.

Our plane departed to Madrid airport in Spain.

Just before Madrid, still snow on the mountains.

From the airport, by road to Extremadura, west of Madrid. Magpies along the road.

At a stop, house martins, barn swallows and red-rumped swallows flying. A spotless starling on a tree. House sparrows on the parking lot.

Further west, four inhabited white stork nests along the road.

A black kite flying.

A crested lark walks across the road.

We arrived in Jaraicejo village.

This video is about Finca Las Abubillas in Jaraicejo. Abubilla is Spanish for the bird species hoopoe.

We hear, again, a blackbird singing.

Two azure-winged magpies.

Stay tuned, as there will be more blog posts on birds in Extremadura.

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