Flint, USA poisoned water update

This video from the USA says about itself:

Flint Residents: “We Need a Public Health Disaster Declaration from President Obama”

18 March 2016

This week Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder testified for the first time before Congress about lead poisoning in the water supply of Flint, Michigan, which began after he appointed an unelected emergency manager who switched the source of the city’s drinking water to the corrosive Flint River. Snyder testified along with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Flint’s former emergency manager, Darnell Earley, who refused to appear at last month’s hearing despite a subpoena from the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

We play highlights from the hearing and speak with two Flint residents who attended. Melissa Mays is an activist and founder of Water You Fighting For?, a Flint, Michigan-based research and advocacy organization founded around the city’s water crisis. She and her three children suffer from long-term exposure to heavy metals because of the water supply. Nayyirah Shariff is a coordinator with the Flint Democracy Defense League.

This video from the USA says about itself:

On World Water Day, See Our Extended Interview with Flint Activists Nayyirah Shariff & Melissa Mays

24 March 2016

As communities mark World Water Day, we turn to Part 2 of our extended conversation with Flint water activists Nayyirah Shariff and Melissa Mays.

A five-member task force on the lead poisoning of Flint water appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder released its 116-page final report at a press conference held in Flint on Wednesday. With utmost cynicism, Snyder—who bears immense personal responsibility for the disaster—introduced the event, assuming the garb of a newly transfigured public health proponent who wanted to make sure such a catastrophe “could never happen again”: here.

Angry residents packed an auditorium in Flint and signed up for an opportunity to testify before Michigan legislators at a hearing held Tuesday. Even though the proceedings lasted a total of nine hours, people waited until the last part to speak, where residents were allowed three minutes each to speak: here.

Thousands of Detroit children exposed to lead or copper contaminated water: here.

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