Flint, USA people refuse payment for poisonous water

This video from Michigan in the USA says about itself:

Flint residents protest paying for poisoned water

25 January 2016

Residents of Flint staged a demonstration in front of the city hall today in protest of both the high rates for water and the recent shutoff notices that have been sent out. After almost two years with poisoned tap water, thousands of residents are facing shutoff of their water completely.

Nothing has been resolved with Flint water. Lead levels still make the water unsafe to drink and thousands, particularly children who are the most vulnerable, have been exposed to lead poisoning. Residents must rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. Yet the water rates are among the highest in the country.

In the context of reports of the poisoning of residents of Flint, Michigan due to lead contamination in the city’s water supply, recent studies have shown lead contamination to be a widespread problem in cities and towns throughout the United States. The populations of major cities such as New Orleans, Baltimore, Boston and Detroit are exposed to elevated levels of lead contamination in their homes, soil and water supply: here.

THE NEXT FLINT, MICHIGAN Inside the Ohio town that now fears its water may be contaminated. [AP]

As the water crisis in Flint, Michigan continues to occupy national headlines in the United States, scientists and environmental officials have revealed a dirty secret of American life: the poisoning of drinking water with toxic chemicals is not unique to Flint, Michigan, but takes place all over the country: here.

New evidence has emerged that challenges the official explanation of why Flint’s state-appointed emergency manager decided to end the city’s half-century practice of buying water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). While the move was explained as a cost-cutting measure, an April 2013 email surfaced this week revealing that DWSD officials offered to sharply reduce rates to Flint, with a potential cost saving of hundreds of millions: here.

Documents reveal that the administration of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has been providing state workers in Flint with bottled water for over a year. The revelation came from examination of an internal email sent out to state workers by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) back in January 2015. This notice, sent out long before any officials publicly acknowledged a health hazard, cited a contamination problem within the Flint water supply: here.

Federal and state officials are warning Flint residents that the lead filters they are using may be inadequate to protect them from the effects of elevated levels of lead in the city’s drinking water: here.

A just-released series of emails sent to a staff member of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder in early March demonstrate that his administration knew about the relation of Flint River water to the spread of the deadly Legionnaires’ virus at least 10 months before the governor publically announced it: here.

Hundreds of students, faculty and community members gathered into a lecture hall at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health in Ann Arbor on Wednesday to hear Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha deliver a talk on the roots and the devastating social impact of the Flint water crisis: here.

Half a million US kids are poisoned by lead each year. crisis was just the beginning: here.

As its hometown of Flint remains poisoned, General Motors makes record 2015 profit: here.

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  2. Flint Residents Told That Their Children Could Be Taken Away If They Don’t Pay For City’s Poison Water

    January 24, 2016

    By John Vibes

    As the water crisis in Flint deepens, it is becoming apparent that the effects of the lead-infested water are not just a health hazard, but the situation has the potential of ruining many more lives outside of the poison issue. There is no denying that the water in Flint is undrinkable and that it is contaminated with lead and other substances, and it is clear that the government of Flint is responsible for the problem.

    However, the city’s government continues to charge people for the poison water and then threatening to foreclose their home or take their children if they refuse to pay. Michigan law states that parents are neglectful if they do not have running water in their home, and if they chose not to pay for water they can’t drink anyway, then they could be guilty of child endangerment. Activists in Flint say that some residents have already received similar threats from the government if they refuse to pay their bills. …



  3. UPDATE: On Wednesday, Congress held a hearing on Flint’s water crisis. Witnesses from Flint brought tainted, brown water and clumps of their hair that fell out because of lead poisoning.1 It was heartbreaking.

    But the man responsible for the public health emergency, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, wasn’t there.2 That’s because the Republican-led committee let him off the hook, leaving Flint families with no accountability for the thousands of children who were poisoned because of the Snyder administration’s actions.

    Now, House Democrats are requesting Governor Snyder testify NEXT Wednesday.3 We can make sure he doesn’t skip the hearing and quietly avoid accountability if we demand he stand before Congress. Can you sign?

    Tell Governor Rick Snyder: Face up to poisoning Flint’s families and children. Testify in front of Congress.
    Sign the petition

    We need answers, but Governor Snyder is trying to dodge tough questions about his administration’s role in Flint’s water crisis. In fact, one of the emergency managers appointed by Governor Snyder had to be subpoenaed to even agree to appear before Congress.4

    Because of Governor Snyder, more than ten thousand children and pregnant women have dangerous amounts of lead in their blood. He claimed for months that Flint’s waters were safe, while quietly sending bottles of water to only public employees.5And even now, the Governor has refused to help Flint replace its lead pipes entirely.6 People are still being poisoned, and the Governor needs to be held accountable.

    It’s clear from Governor Snyder’s disgusting track record that he may try to avoid testifying before Congress. We need to let him know that we are watching and want him to pay for poisoning Flint’s residents.

    Can you tell Governor Snyder to appear before Congress?

    Thanks for taking action.

    –Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Clarise, Anathea, Audine, Ryan, Shannon, Megan, Kaytee, and Libby, the UltraViolet team


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