Michigan, USA authorities knew long ago Flint water was toxic

This video about Michigan state in the USA says about itself:

Governor’s Office KNEW Flint’s Water Was Toxic Over A Year Ago

26 February 2016

Emails reveal that aides inside Governor Rick Snyder’s office knew about the Flint water crisis over a year before the story broke. They even provided bottled water for government workers there. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Jimmy Dore hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

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“The emails in question were sent by Valerie Brader, then the governor’s environmental policy adviser, and Mike Gadola, then his chief counsel. The governor himself was not a recipient, but his closest advisers were, including his chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, and communications director. Snyder staffers told the News they did not take their concerns directly to the governor until October 2015, when the water supply was switched.

On October 14 2014, after General Motors said it would stop using Flint water because it was corroding auto parts, Brader advised that Flint reconnect to the Detroit water supply. Gadola concurred, adding a sense of personal urgency—he grew up in Flint, and his mother still lived there, he wrote.”

Long before state authorities publicly acknowledged problems with drinking water in Flint, Michigan, internal emails show that advisers to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder advocated moving the water supply from the polluted Flint River back to the Detroit water system: here.

More information is surfacing about the April 2013 decision to cut off Flint’s source of treated drinking water in order to move to a yet-to-be-built pipeline. Examination of uncovered documents, combined with the thousands of newly-public emails released by Governor Rick Snyder, are beginning to shed light on the economic interests behind the switch, which was promoted by high-level state officials and politically connected businesses: here.

LeeAnne Walters, the Flint mother who defied the lies and intimidation of state and local officials to help bring to light the lead poisoning of Flint’s water, has initiated a lawsuit against companies and individuals she accuses of bearing responsibility for poisoning her children. All four of her children have experience different symptoms from the high levels exposure to the neurotoxin—including stunted growth, brain deficiencies and violent stomach pains: here.

Since the time her four children started losing their hair and breaking out in rashes in late 2014, LeeAnne Walters has played a central role in exposing the systematic poisoning of the water supply in Flint, Michigan. This week, Walters has publicly revealed for the first time that her husband, a 17-year veteran in the US Navy, has endured months of daily humiliation, threats, and punishment at work in an effort to silence her: here.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, HAS UNSAFE WATER FOR THE FOURTH TIME IN TWO YEARS The city is unable to use any tap water as a chemical from a “back-flow incident in its industrial district” has contaminated the water. That means no showers. [Joseph Erbentraut, HuffPost]

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