Black-tailed godwit Amalia is back from Africa

This is a black-tailed godwit video from Azerbaijan; Ag-Gel National Park.

Translated from the King of the Meadows site in Friesland in the Netherlands today:

She is back!

Black-tailed godwit Amalia after months-long trek back in Friesland

Her journey from Africa to the Netherlands is over. Early this morning godwit Amalia was spotted in Britswert, Friesland. The last weeks of her journey have been followed with great interest. Yesterday she still appeared in France, and this morning it looked a bit like she was headed for Ireland. It appears that there was a minor glitch in the transmitter Amalia wears. In the last part of the route in reality she was already on her way to the Netherlands, she has flown 1,200 km in one go.

The return of Amalia will be celebrated on Monday March 14 in Britswert. It promises to be a great event with stories, odes, poetry, coffee and drinks. And a small ritual that has all it takes to become a new celebrate-spring tradition.

Black-tailed godwits in Friesland: here.

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