Little egret, little grebe, black-tailed godwit

Black-headed gull on fence, 10 March 2016

Still 10 March 2016 on Texel island. After leaving De Schans fort, we continued to the north. Just south of Oudeschild village was this black-headed gull; already with a summer plumage dark brown head, while most of its colleagues were still in winter plumage.

Little egret, 10 March 2016

Close to the gull, in a meadow was this little egret. Behind the egret was a curlew, which flew away soon.

North of Oudeschild is Ottersaat nature reserve. Many brent geese there.

Dijkmanshuizen, 10 March 2016

Still more to the north is Dijkmanshuizen nature reserve.

Also many brent geese.

Barnacle geese, 10 March 2016

Barnacle geese as well.

Barnacle geese, on 10 March 2016

Just in front of the hide, a little grebe swims.

Shovelers, 10 March 2016

Northern shovelers.

Northern lapwings. Teal. Ruffs.

Black-tailed godwit flying, Texel, 10 March 2016

A black-tailed godwit: standing in shallow water, flying and calling. One of the first birds of its species back from wintering in Africa.

This was our last full day on Texel island. However, there will be another blog post on that day.

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