Migratory birds in Oman counted

This video from Israel shows a crab plover and an oystercatcher.

Recently, birders counted waders in Barr al Hikman wetland in Oman.

They counted over 544,000 birds.

The most common species of the Barr al Hikman count, according to a Dutch Vroege Vogels radio interview this morning, was the lesser sand plover: 80,000 individuals.

The second species in numbers was the dunlin.

Third was the bar-tailed godwit.

There were crab plovers, Terek sandpipers, and other species, as well.

Barr al Hikman is a beautiful wetland, attractive for birds. However, it is threatened by ‘developers’. On the other hand, there are plans to protect Barr al Hikman by making it a Ramsar Convention area.

16 thoughts on “Migratory birds in Oman counted

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