Birds of Dutch Nijmegen region on the Internet

This video says about itself:

BTO Bird ID – Skylark & Woodlark

10 June 2015

Lauded by poets for their wonderful, uplifting song, larks are rather nondescript birds when seen. There are two species regularly found in Britain and Ireland and their ranges and habitats do overlap, so how can we tell them apart?

The Dutch ornithologists of Vogelwerkgroep Nijmegen have made a new Internet atlas site about birds in the area around Nijmegen city.

In its English version, you see a list of bird species which live there, or used to live there.

In the Dutch language version, there is much more information. If you click on a bird species’ name, then you get extensive details, including, eg, maps, on how these birds live locally.

Eg, here is the page about woodlarks around Nijmegen.


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