US Republican Jeb Bush has to beg for applause

This 3 February 2016 video is about an election meeting in New Hampshire, where there will be a primary election on 9 February. One of the nine Republican party presidential candidates, Jeb Bush, fantasizes about what he would do with the armed forces if he would become president and commander-in-chief of the USA.

He stops, expecting applause, but his audience does not do it. Bush has to beg his followers to please applaud.

In the Iowa caucuses a few days ago, only 2,8% of Republican voters voted for Bush. Even though he had spent far more money than all other candidates.

Bye-bye Jeb Bush. Unless some miracle or some very dirty tricks happen.

You won’t get the chance of your elder brother George W to start a bloody war like in Iraq.

You won’t get the chance of your elder brother George W to preside over and support torture (which you, Jeb Bush, recently advocated).

So, bye-bye for George W’s little brother Jeb after another defeat, this time in New Hampshire? Unfortunately, that still wouldn’t be a the end for all candidates, both Republican and Democratic, with unsafe policies on war and human rights.

4 thoughts on “US Republican Jeb Bush has to beg for applause

  1. The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, said yesterday our campaign represents a dangerous moment, “not just for Wall Street, but for anyone who is a little bit out of line.”

    I have to say, I find it a little beyond comprehension that Lloyd Blankfein would lecture our campaign about “dangerous moments” after Wall Street received huge bailouts from the working families of this country, when their greed and recklessness caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, livelihoods, and homes just a few years ago. His arrogance has no end.

    Now Wall Street is pouring money into other campaigns. But I am here to tell you that we don’t want their money and we don’t want their super PACs. We are going to do it differently. We are going to win together on the strength of millions of small donations.

    Make a $3 contribution today to say you have had ENOUGH of Lloyd Blankfein and the billionaire class buying up candidates and elections in this country.

    Here’s the truth: Wall Street is terrified because we are running a campaign that does not support their agenda. They never expected us to battle to a virtual draw in Iowa, and they are starting to get a bit nervous about New Hampshire too.

    The next primary is less than one week away, and we have a slight lead in the polls despite opposition from the economic and political establishment in the state. But if we stand together, I know that we have a good chance to win next week.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


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