Pentagon coalition bombs Syrian army, not ISIS

Deir al Zor fighting

Officially, the bombing of Syria by the United States, France, and recently also Britain, is only against ISIS. In practice, it kills many innocent civilians. Now, it turns out it kills other non-ISIS people as well: the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) of the Damascus government.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

‘Coalition targets Syrian army

Today, 10:01

According to the Syrian government, the international anti-IS coalition has bombed a camp of Syrian government forces. In that attack with four warplanes three soldiers were killed and thirteen wounded.

Damascus speaks of an “act of aggression”.

The attack on the camp in the eastern town of Deir al Zor, near the border with Iraq, took place last night, the Syrian foreign minister announced on television. …

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

opponents of the Damascus government

…said coalition aircraft probably have bombed the camp.

Deir al Zor is in the hands of partly ISIS, partly the Damascus government. This bombing makes the US-French-British coalition in practice allies of ISIS; like in the 2013 plan of David Cameron to bomb Syria. It risks escalation between nuclear armed NATO countries and nuclear armed Russia.

The Polish government may request that NATO nuclear weapons be stationed on Polish soil, Defense Minister Tomasz Szatkowski told the media on Saturday: here.

Isis terrorists in Iraq and Syria ‘may be using weapons exported to the Middle East by the UK‘. Assault weapons sent from Britain to Iraq in the wake of 2003 invasion may have ended up in Isis’s hands: here.

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