Dutch ex-Afghanistan military policeman a murder suspect

Medics try in vain to save the life of Rudi Schouten

Dutch NOS TV and Omroep Brabant broadcasters report today that a Dutch soldier who used to participate in the Afghan war in Kabul and elsewhere and is still in the Dutch armed forces, having been both in the army and in the military police, is a suspect in a murder case.

On 3 April 2015, five men attacked and killed 28-year-old Rudi Schouten with a stitching awl, an axe and guns on a parking lot in his city Breda.

One of the suspects is the soldier Gianiro S.

Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan. Murder suspect Gianiro S. is second from right

Gianiro S. is an outlaw motorcycle gang member. The Dutch Defence department cannot legally sack him for that, as motorcycle gangs are not officially considered to be criminal organisations yet. However, 80% of Dutch motorcycle gang members have criminal records, according to the police.

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