Spring Alive, migratory birds and children

This video is the film Winged Migration (2002).

From BirdLife:

10 reasons for your child to celebrate spring with Spring Alive

By Shaun Hurrell, Mon, 13/07/2015 – 07:40

It is Spring Alive’s anniversary, so we celebrate 10 big years of this amazing movement by giving 10 big reasons to celebrate the arrival of spring with migratory birds.

When we started Spring Alive, we aimed to educate children and adults about migratory birds and their plight. Now we also encourage people and especially young ones to act for the migratory birds they learn about and nature in general. With summer well-underway in Europe and Central Asia, the 2015 Spring Alive season has ended and we look forward to the start of the African season.

Ten reasons to celebrate spring with Spring Alive:

Spring Alive has grown into a popular movement!

73,032 children were directly engaged in Spring Alive in 2014. With a record number of 3.9 million people reached through Spring Alive in 2014, this is potentially a strong force for the celebration and care of migratory birds on the African-Eurasian flyway. …

Migratory birds encourage children to think big!

Recognizing the arrival of migratory birds also brings a broader understanding of nature, and when you notice the seasons more, you enjoy them more!

Some bird migrations are so huge, they are almost beyond comprehension. For local children, Spring Alive brings an opportunity to think globally.

Connection of the continents

Someone in Europe once said that when Swifts arrive in the Spring, they are really just on loan for a few months from Africa, where they spend most of the year. Like migratory birds, Spring Alive transcends country borders and encourages learning about other cultures. The Spring Twin initiative unites school classes in Europe and Africa together in the celebration of migratory birds.

Connection to nature!

There is a lot of growing evidence that children are negatively affected if they do not have a regular connection with nature and the outdoors. Spring Alive events encourage children to go outside, experience new things and appreciate the wildlife they see.

School is boring? You can’t say that about Spring Alive classes

Spring Alive not only contributes to the early education of young people about birds and nature, it makes children love their indoor and outdoor classes and keeps them connected with nature even when they grow up.

Spring Alive Bird TV is more interesting than television

With a live feed to White Stork chicks in Poland, and Swifts in Israel, Italy and England, we have seen a private insight into the real lives of migratory birds. Our video showing the special first moments the BirdLife Swifts were reunited after migration was very popular (over 3,700 views on facebook and YouTube).

Birds will thank you too

This year, Spring Alive encouraged people to make their gardens, schools or balconies bird-friendly to help support tired birds on their magnificent migrations! And there are so many other ways in which birds can be helped. …

It makes volunteers’ work even more worthwhile

Over 700 Spring Alive volunteers visited schools throughout Europe, Central Asia and Africa in 2014. The children’s shouts and smiles were great testament to their interest and how they enjoyed learning about the Spring Alive bird species and how to help them.

It is good for the planet too

Children with a connection to nature are much more likely to care for their environment as they grow into adults – helping support the biodiversity that supports their future. Children CAN make a change, let us show them how.

Here’s to another 10 years of Spring Alive to come!

Spring Alive poster

Spring Alive is an international campaign to encourage children’s interest in nature and the conservation of migratory birds. Spring Alive is organised by OTOP, the BirdLife Partner in Poland, on behalf of the BirdLife Partnership. Wildlife groups, teachers and others who would like to become more involved in Spring Alive should contact the International Manager, Karolina Kalinowska, at karolina.kalinowska@otop.org.pl

Follow Spring Alive on facebookYouTube and flickr.

Throughout 2017, conservationists have been visiting schools and communities across Eurasia and Africa as part of BirdLife’s Spring Alive project. At the end of the year, Spring Alive reflects on some of their most exciting ways of inspiring both children and adults about migratory birds and nature: here.

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