Mandarin duck cleans his feathers, video

This video shows a male mandarin duck, cleaning his feathers in Houten in the Netherlands.

Rinke Rijksen made the video.

9 thoughts on “Mandarin duck cleans his feathers, video

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  2. Hello,
    I am Rinke Rijksen. I saw you had used my video. I’m really glad about it. If you want some more videos or photos from Dutch birds, you can always send me an email. If you wanna watch my photos you can go to This is a Dutch website. I only wanna ask if you can send me an email before using my photos.
    Greets from Houten, the Netherlands,
    Rinke Rijksen


    • Hello Rinke,

      Thanks for your comment! If I would like to use your photos in the future, then I will email you; I did not do it in the case of this video as it is an embeddable Vroege Vogels video.

      Good luck with your photos!


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