Ducklings jump from balcony, video

This 30 March 2016 video is about mallard ducklings. Mallards sometimes nest in unexpected places; like on a balcony of a house in this case.

The house owner did not mind, and had even provided a mattress for a soft landing for the ducklings. However, they did not use the mattress. The ducklings jumped a few meters down to a pebbly surface to follow their mother. All ducklings reached the water safely.

Miranda Langeslag from the Netherlands made this video.

This reminds me a bit of mandarin ducks, which often nest in trees. Mandarin ducklings then have to jump from the nest in the tree.

3 thoughts on “Ducklings jump from balcony, video

    • Yes, they are so lightweight that they would not easily be hurt (except if wind had blown them against a wall). The same goes for Egyptian and barnacle geese, whose goslings often have to jump from rocks or other heights.


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