Spanish transport bosses’ homophobia, and music-phobia

This video is called The metro (subway, underground) of Madrid (Spain).

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Madrid metro memo tells staff to keep an eye on gay people

Internal memo flagged ‘musicians, beggars and gays’ as problem groups needing extra vigilance when checking tickets

Ashifa Kassam in Madrid

Thursday 19 February 2015 14.21 GMT

Authorities at Madrid’s metro have opened an investigation into an internal memo circulated to employees that flagged gay people as a problem group that needed extra vigilance.

The memo notes several stops along the metro, detailing the groups that workers should check to ensure that they have valid metro tickets. On Line 2 between the stops of Sol and Las Rosas, it urges workers to keep an eye on “musicians, beggars and gays”.

The memo was met with bewilderment by many employees, who saw it as discrimination, said Teodoro Piñuelas, from the UGT trade union which represents metro employees. The union then brought the memo to the attention of the metro authorities.

“I don’t understand why it would assume that homosexuals wouldn’t pay for their tickets and that they need to be monitored. Why not tall people, or blondes or those who wear glasses?” Piñuelas told El País. …

On Thursday, the LGBT group COLEGA-Madrid said it had brought the memo to the attention of the public prosecutor responsible for hate crimes. “This is humiliating and discriminatory,” the group said in a statement. “It’s clear discrimination and harassment due to sexual orientation.”

Another LGBT group, Arcópoli, said it planned to meet Metro authorities on Monday to demand explanations and urge the service to launch a campaign to combat discrimination.

Meanwhile, in Ireland, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Denis Nulty, opposes equal marriage rights for LGBTQ people in the proposed referendum on that issue.

Leaflet distributed in Dublin claims gay people ‘contract cancers earlier in life’: here.

USA: Washington Florist Illegally Refused To Provide Flowers For Same-Sex Wedding, Judge Rules: here.

Anti-LGBT Rally in Alabama Draws Strong Rhetoric and the League of the South: here.

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