Over fifty anti-Muslim attacks in France this week

This 8 January 2015 video is called France: Le Mans mosque attacked with grenades.

Translated from RTBF, the French language Belgian TV:

France: more than 50 anti-Muslim attacks since Wednesday’s attack

January 12, 2015 at 4:52 p.m.

More than fifty anti-Muslim attacks were recorded in France since the jihadist attack against Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, announced the Observatory against Islamophobia of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), which calls on the state “to strengthen the monitoring” of mosques.

According to the president of the observatory Abdallah Zekri, citing figures from the Ministry of the Interior, 21 violent acts (shots, grenades launched …) and 33 threats (letters, insults, etc.) have been recorded since Wednesday. This count is still incomplete, said the Muslim leader, who said he was “outraged” by the numbers “unheard of” in less than a week.

This information follows the publication on Twitter of a map with 14 incidents that took place in mosques in France since Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Over fifty anti-Muslim attacks in France this week

  1. And every time some thug commits an act of violence against an innocent Muslim or a mosque, one of the terrorist cells gains another sympathiser. Mind you, given the people invited to France this week to discuss the terrorist problem I’m not sure France itself is interested in seeing the violence die down. A good excuse to divest itself of unwanted Arabs maybe? I’d say there more terrorists at the Elysee Palace recently who have also committed offences against journalists.
    I abhor the violence that was done last week as I detest those that are prepared to kill their fellow man but a few invited Governments have done that too.


    • I agree. At least some on the xenophobic right are attacking mosques etc. hoping for escalation; in the hope that the small minority among Muslims backing groups like Al Nusra or ISIS will get bigger, giving them excuses for yet more xenophobic violence, and ultimately, a xenophobic dictatorship.


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