Grey seal, found in field, recovering

This 22 December 2014 video from England is called Mystery seal found in a field MILES from the nearest coast.

Another video from England says about itself:

29 December 2014

A seal found exhausted in a field about 20 miles from the sea is being treated for pneumonia, the RSPCA said.

Dumbledore, named after the Harry Potter character, was transferred to Norfolk for treatment after being found in Newton-le-Willows on 22 December.

Sue Levings from RSPCA East Winch said the adult grey seal was “very poorly” but is making good progress.

It is believed the animal swam up the River Mersey and diverted up a brook though the reason why is not known.

‘Very poorly’

Ms Levings added: “Dumbledore has undergone X-rays which thankfully have shown no signs of being shot – which was one of our worries.

“He is much more settled now and still looks very sorry for himself, but other than that he is quite lively,” she said.

Dumbledore has been described as “very poorly” but with further care the RSPCA hopes he will “continue to make a good recovery”.

After being cornered by Merseyside Police, fire officers and marine specialists, the seal was taken to RSPCA Stapeley Grange in Nantwich, Cheshire.

The 5ft (1.2m) long adult seal had suffered a head injury and had discharge from his nose.

Dumbledore was transferred to Norfolk on 23 December.

From Wildlife Extra:

Grey Seal found in a Merseyside field 20 miles from the sea is doing OK

A Grey Seal that was found on 22 December by dog walkers in a farmer’s field in Merseyside, 20 miles from the nearest sea, has been diagnosed with pneumonia but is making good progress under RSPCA care.

RSPCA inspectors were called to farmland in Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside, to help rescue the seal alongside the farm owner, police officers, firefighters and other marine life organisations.

After spending the night in care at RSPCA Stapeley Grange in Cheshire the adult seal was transferred to the charity’s specialist seal facility in East Winch in Norfolk for further care.

Manager at RSPCA East Winch Alison Charles says: “At the moment we are keeping him under close observation.

“For an adult seal to be that far away from home normally means they are pretty poorly so we will be keeping an eye on him to see how he gets on and giving him the best treatment we can.

“He was quite distressed when he was collected but he had a quiet night at Stapeley Grange and while he was drinking a fair amount he did not eat anything.”

According to the Liverpool Echo, experts believe the seal may have swum from a colony in Hilbre Island in the Dee Estuary, and got lost.

It may have travelled along the River Mersey and then on to Sankey Brook, Newton Brook and Millingford Brook.

Farm owner Gary Watkinson said at the time: “It’s quite unusual. We just saw it lying there this morning.

“It’s definitely come up from the brook near here. I tracked its movements and you can see the marks in the soil.”

After being examined by a vet the seal, that has been nicknamed Dumbledore, underwent tests and x-rays.

Sue Levings from RSPCA East Winch says: “Dumbledore has shown no signs of being shot, which was one of our worries. However, vets have found he is suffering from pneumonia and he is currently receiving treatment for that.

“He is much more settled now. He still looks very sorry for himself, but other than that he is quite lively. Hopefully with further care and attention from the staff here at RSPCA East Winch he will continue to make a good recovery.”

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