6 thoughts on “‘International Monetary Fund contributed to Ebola epidemic’

  1. The IMF, is the strangest institute I know, it has nothing to offer than evil, its assets are built on the devastation of people and the planet, it could be said if the IMF, had no assets no country would be in plight, as the money extracted from the countries of the world would be used for the creative construction of the infrastructure on the planet we are inhabitants of, fundamentally it is a criminal organization that the politicians have to obey or they will become ruined by the IMF, the ferry that caught fire off Greece is all part of the same as the ebola saga, the IMF created austerity and the ferry had to take risks because of lack of money created by the IMF, why is this allowed to happen?


  2. Ebola doctor goes back into fray

    Cuba: Doctor Felix Baez, who was cured of Ebola after contracting it in Sierra Leone, said on Monday that he will go back to West Africa to continue with relief efforts.

    Dr Baez told state newspaper Granma that he would return to the region in January after ensuring he is fully recovered.

    His wife Vania Ferrer said she supported her husband’s decision.

    “Of course, I know him, and it could be no other way,” she said.



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