Ebola, Africa’s history and present

This video is called Big Pharma Didnt Care About EBOLA In Africa, Only PROFITABLE Now It’s Moved West.

By Jeremy Corbyn MP in Britain:

THE Ebola crisis has brought out the best and the worst in people.

Many have volunteered to go and work in Sierra Leone and other affected countries, including Liberia and Guinea.

Six hundred NHS workers volunteered to go, and notably there was huge, prompt and very effective support given by the Cuban medical service fighting this crisis.

The wider lessons of the Ebola crisis are that a total lack of access to medical care for the poorest people in the poorest parts of the world eventually affects us all — and the issue has to be dealt with by examining the way in which African people and economies have been treated by the rest of the world since independence.

What we don’t need is yet another lecture from Bob Geldof with patronising comments about Africa and African people and a refusal to recognise that Western exploitation of the continent is at the heart of the problem.

The campaign group Liberation was founded as the Movement for Colonial Freedom while Fenner Brockway, Tony Benn and many others worked in Parliament to support African independence movements and crucially expose the lies and hypocrisy of the British military actions in Kenya in the 1950s, when castration, mutilation and concentration camps were the British punishment against the Mau Mau.

This weekend Liberation is holding a conference on Africa’s challenges today which will both examine the history of Africa since independence but also the current challenges of gender inequality and a World Bank-inspired economic model which seeks to privatise public services and export natural resources.

Tributes Pour in for Cuban Ebola Medic Infected With Virus: here.

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