Norwegian seal killing subsidies stopped?

This video is called The noisy harp seal pup.

From Wildlife Extra:

Norway to remove seal trade subsidies

Norway’s seal trade could be over if the government’s decision to cut its 12 million kroner ($1.8 million) subsidy from next year’s budget goes ahead, The Local (Norway’s news in English) has reported.

The Government said it was a decision based purely on economics as seal hunting businesses are run on 80 percent subsidies and during 2014 just three boats and their crew caught 11,980 seals.

The government denied they were bowing to pressure from animal right campaigners and the EU, which placed a ban on the trade of seal products within the European community in 2009. This was a decision Canada and Norway challenged in 2013 through the World Trade Organization to overturn the EU ban on seal products. The WTO Appellate Body however upheld the ban in May 2014 on moral issues.

However this argument was not believed by Norway’s Centre Party.

Geir Pollestad, of the Centre Party and leader of the business committee in Parliament said: “In reality the government gave in to pressure from extreme animal rights organisations and the EU and did not have an understanding of the historical roots of seal hunting and its role in the management of ecosystems.”

“This is simply about economic priorities,” said Amund Ringdal, State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

“The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research has however claimed that the catching of harp seals has been so modest that it hasn’t had any great impact on the population [of harp seal] as such. The argument for the role of seal hunting for ecology is thus dwindling.”

The news of the ban was greeted with delight from animal rights groups.

“This is brilliant news and it will save tens of thousands of seals a cruel death. This is also tremendous success for the EU ban on commercial seal products. By closing our markets to cruelty Europeans can be proud of ending cruelty elsewhere,” said Sonja Van Tichelen, the International Fund for Animal Welfare‘s EU Regional Director.

“It seems clear that the conservative Norwegian government has realised that the bans on commercial seal products in 34 countries are not going away, rather, it is commercial sealing whose time has come.”

3 thoughts on “Norwegian seal killing subsidies stopped?

  1. Whatever way you want to interpret killing of the seals, it is murder of the innocent, they have as much right to exist as Norwegians, it is a cowardly act, and their can be no excuse for this cruel persecution.


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