Canada: seal killer bloody knife attack on Dutch MP

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Canada: seal killer bloody knife attack on Dutch MP

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Date: 4/2/05 at 3:15PM

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Translated from Internet reports in Dutch:

Canadian seal killer attacks Dutch woman Member of Parliament with bloody knife

2 April 2005 • A seal pup killer on the ice near Charlottetown in Canada has today threatened the life of Dutch Socialist Party Member of Parliament Ms Krista van Velzen with a bloody knife.

“He ran after me with the knife. His hands were all covered with blood. I was scared to death”, Ms Van Velzen said.

She had to run extremely fast to escape from her attacker.

Next, the seal killer pursuing Ms Van Velzen, prevented her and her company to depart by helicopter, by putting his knife between the rotor blades.

When police arrived, they permitted the seal killer and would be human murderer to depart within one minute.

However, Ms Van Velzen and her company were detained for over an hour. To their astonishment, they were indicted.

This is absolute irrational! No, it’s TWO April, so unfortunately no April Fool’s joke!!

You can send solidarity messages to Ms Van Velzen to

Canadians against seal killing: here.

6 thoughts on “Canada: seal killer bloody knife attack on Dutch MP

  1. RE: Canada: seal killer bloody knife attack on Dutch MP
    Posted by:

    Welcome to my world.

    Date: 04/02/05 at 4:15 PM (1y5M ago)
    Death to all seal killer! Grrr…

    “Birdie, birdie, in the sky, why’d you do that in my eye? Looks like sugar, tastes like sap. OMG! IT’S BIRDIE CRAP!”

    RE: Canada:seal killer bloody knife attack on Dutch MP
    Posted by:

    Date: 04/02/05 at 4:50 PM (1y5M ago)
    I agree of course the attacker should be punished, not Ms Van Velzen. However, I oppose the death penalty.

    RE: Canada: seal killers
    Posted by:

    Date: 04/14/05 at 6:32 PM (1y4M ago)
    Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 18:53:23 -0500
    Subject: Seal hunt update

    A special message to seal supporters from Rebecca Aldworth, Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues for The Humane Society of the United States:


    What I witnessed on the ice this year will haunt me for a long time.

    More than 90,000 seals, some just 12 days old, were brutally killed. If you haven’t already visited, I encourage you to do so. Yes, some of the images and stories are disturbing, but I think you’ll also be inspired and motivated by the beauty and hope that we found there, too.

    What’s next? The hunt will continue into May and possibly beyond, and The Humane Society of the United States needs your active participation in the [Canadian seafood] boycott to make sure the hunt never resumes. We know that it is sometimes difficult to determine whether your seafood is from Canada, though. I have good news on that front: A new seafood labeling law requires supermarkets to identify the country of origin. That means you’ll now be able to tell at a glance if your seafood is from Canada.

    We are identifying the major importers of Canadian seafood into the
    United States right now, and we believe that a concerted effort by
    consumers to urge them to discontinue their import will have an impact.
    We’ll definitely need your help, so stay tuned.

    Hopefully, you’ve already downloaded your guide to boycotting Canadian seafood.

    Bloody sealers regularly confronted Rebecca Aldworth and her Seal Watch
    team. From the ice last week: The sealer screams that he has a job–he is here to kill the seals. He asks me what I am doing here. I reply, “I am here to save the seals. I am here to stop you.” You can stand with me to stop the sealers by doing one or all of the following:
    Spread the word.
    Support the campaign with your donation.
    Download your guide to boycotting Canadian seafood.
    Bid on autographed seal campaign items on eBay.

    Bid on star-signed shirts like this on eBay.

    One of the amazing aspects of leading the Protect Seals campaign is hearing about the passion and activism it inspires in others–like the celebrities who have signed shirts and donated other items to raise awareness and support for our efforts to shut down the seal hunt. Check out our eBay auction, where you can bid on the many items that have been donated and signed by Kyra Sedgwick, William Baldwin, Adrien Brody, Shannon Elizabeth, Greg Kinnear, Lisa Kudrow, John Leguizamo, Jenny McCarthy, David Schwimmer, Steven Colbert, Bijou Phillips, Jesse Bradford, and more.

    Thank you again for your dedication to protecting seals. Together, we will create a public outcry so loud that the Canadian government will no longer be able to ignore it. Together, we will stop the seal hunt forever.

    Thank you for all that you do on behalf of all animals and for your support during this tragic time on the Canadian ice.


    Rebecca Aldworth
    Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues
    The Humane Society of the United States

    Copyright © 2005 The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) | All
    Rights Reserved.
    The Humane Society of the United States | 2100 L Street, NW | Washington,
    DC 20037 | 202-452-1100 |


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