Money for war, not for continuing Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine

This video is called Radiation fallout plot over Europe during Chernobyl incident (1986).

In Japan, the Shinzo Abe administration prefers spending money on militarism, instead of cleaning up the consequences of the Fukushima disaster and helping its survivors.

In Ukraine, the administration of President Poroshenko, in power as a result of violence against the previous government, prefers spending money on bloody war in the east of the country to minding the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, still continuing after decades.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

No money; Chernobyl continues to leak

Tuesday Sep 16, 2014, 06:10 (Update: 16-09-14, 06:21)

The construction of a sarcophagus over the exploded Chernobyl nuclear reactor is in danger of being shut down because there is no money. Ukraine is 615 million euros short, according to news agency DPA basing itself on sources in the government in Kiev.

The sarcophagus is supposed to replace the current shell around the reactor. That structure was built shortly after the disaster in 1986, and is as leaky as a sieve. Last year, part of the roof collapsed. Radioactive radiation is still leaking from the reactor.

The seven largest industrialized countries (G7) decided in 1997 to support Ukraine financially in the construction of a new, larger, sarcophagus. This gigantic construction of steel and concrete is half ready, but the money is running low. Therefore construction is likely to be shut down late in 2014. Actually the whole construction was supposed to be ready next year.


According to DPA, G7 experts will search next month for extra money. Environmental organization Greenpeace says that it would be irresponsible to stop building at this stage.

From AFP news agency:

2 September 2014

European military assistance to Ukraine could lead to a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO, according to Poland’s iconic cold warrior and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa.

“It could lead to a nuclear war,” the anti-Communist legend told reporters when asked whether the EU should send weapons to Ukraine to help it fights off separatist rebels and Russian aggression.

“The EU is well aware that Russia has nuclear weapons. NATO has them too. Must we then destroy each other?” said the former Solidarity trade union leader famous for negotiating a bloodless end to communism in Poland in 1989.

“This is why the EU keeps on repeating: stop being silly (…) This is why it isn’t getting involved too much!” he added, at an annual regional economic in Krynica, southern Poland.

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