More money for Syria war, more hunger for refugees

This video from Wales is called Medea Benjamin, Code PinkNo New Wars, No to NATO – Newport Demonstration, 30 August 2014.

NATO countries are spending more money on militarism. Ukraine civil war militarism. Re-starting the Iraq war, and extending it to Syria.

More United States and other countries’ taxpayers’ money will go to more weapons in the Middle East. Supposedly, to stop ISIS terrorism. The money will go to supposedly ‘moderate’ jihadist fighters in Syria. [sarcasm on]And, if these supposedly ‘moderate’ jihadists think that taxpayers’ money is not enough, they can always get more money by selling their hostage prisoners to ISIS for beheading, like happened with Steven Sotloff.[/sarcasm off]

NATO countries’ escalation of war in Syria will mean even more Syrian refugees.

While, mostly rich, NATO countries spend more on wars, they spend less on the victims of those wars.

From Euronews today:

UN warns funding gap means less food for Syrian refugees

18/09 07:07 CET

Life for Syrian refugees is about to get even harder. The United Nations says it will have to slash food rations by 40 percent to over four million of them due to a shortage of funds.

The World Food Programme (WFP) needs $44m (34m euros) for its immediate operations inside Syria.

A funding gap means that the average Syrian will have to survive on 825 calories which is half the daily recommended intake as winter approaches.

International charity Save the Children (StC) warned yesterday that nearly 3 million Syrian children were missing school due to the civil war: here.

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