17 thoughts on “Anti-disabled people corporation Atos, unfit Commonwealth Games sponsor

  1. ATOS are a disease for which the only cure is total eradication. The number of complaints about their work has brought them into disrepute and the DWP and the Government should be ashamed of retaining them.I have had benefit stopped twice by them and only won on re-appeals despite their own appeal board saying I should have the benefit but that they couldn’t grant it based on the paperwork in front of them.
    I had a home visit from a doctor who decided I could walk 50 yards despite testing me for less than 4 yards settee to doorway.
    A home visit from another doctor found I could adequately communicate despite my wife having to answer for me and he also filled in most of the form himself without bothering to ask the questions.
    I won my re-appeals to the DWP but don;’t imagine it’s over yet. At least Wales isn’t using ATOS anymore.
    Doctors know their patients and I’m sure the DWP could make payments/awards based on their assessments.


    • Thanks for sharing your bad ATOS experiences!

      Sarcastically, one might say you were still comparatively “lucky” as at least a doctor tested you; while often people are declared ‘fit for work’ by ATOS employees lacking any medical qualifications.


  2. ATOS don’t care they just want to make their figures look good. Profit and figure have over come care and compassion in this country it’s so sad. Working in care work it all to clear to see, the less spent and the more profit the better, when humans are on benefit they don’t produce profit so just let them wither and die.



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