12 thoughts on “Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, corporate greenwashing?

  1. Wednesday 23rd December 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    AUSTRALIA’S federal government formally approved the dredging of vast swathes of the seabed from an area near the Great Barrier Reef yesterday.

    The proposal is part of a major coal port expansion and was agreed after the government rejected arguments by environmentalists that it will hurt the region’s fragile ecosystem.

    Environment Minister Greg Hunt initially approved the expansion of the Abbot Point coal port in northern Queensland in 2013, but the process has been repeatedly delayed and revised amid protests by conservation groups.

    The expansion requires a massive dredging operation to clear channels and make way for ships entering and leaving the port.

    Up to 39 million cubic feet of dredged material would be removed and disposed of on land in an industrial area, a spokeswoman for Mr Hunt said. The plan still requires the approval of the Queensland government.

    Conservationists have argued that dredging will be catastrophic for the delicate reef.

    Beyond the initial concern that dumped sediment would smother coral and sea grass, environmental groups have warned that the increased shipping traffic would boost the risk of accidents, such as oil spills and collisions with coral beds.

    International conservation group WWF condemned the decision, warning that the dredging will still threaten sea life and noting that the dumped sediment will now be disposed of in an area adjacent to wetlands that are home to thousands of birds.



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  7. Dear friends,

    They’re trying to put a toxic coal complex next to the magical Great Barrier Reef! It’s a crazy plan, but we’ve got a chance to stop it.

    The Australian government wants to give $1 billion to build a massive coal complex that could destroy the sea floor home of turtles and tropical fish. But first an independent panel must approve the loan, and they’ve never come under public pressure.

    It’s time to make them feel the heat. Let’s put this reef-killing deal in a global spotlight with a million person petition and a massive campaign in the Australian media — add your name:

    Click to save the Great Barrier Reef

    The Reef is one of our planet’s natural wonders but it’s dying fast. Scientists say it’s literally being cooked to death by waters warmed by climate change. This coal complex is so gigantic it will make warming worse – for the reef and all of us!

    The Australian government is desperate to create jobs, but reports show the coal complex will cost $680,000 in taxpayer money for each new job created. It’s an epically stupid plan.

    This is a do or die moment for the reef-wrecking coal complex: the company behind it is buried in debt, and without this loan their finances could fall apart. Let’s stop the reef-killing deal — add your voice now:

    Click to save the Great Barrier Reef

    Avaaz has mobilised again and again to block financing and support for this coal complex! This could be the last time — let’s get an epic win for the planet, and for future generations.

    With hope,
    Oliver, Danny, Mais, David, Andrew, Alice and the whole Avaaz team

    PS – Every signature really does matter! Sign here.

    Great Barrier Reef Hit by Worst Coral Die-Off on Record (New York Times)

    Adani coal mine: green groups fume over plan for $1b federal loan (The Guardian)


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