25 thoughts on “Hungry children in the USA

  1. Hi there dear friend …. is there somewhere, email that I could write you? Got a comment which I trashed … may be interesting to you. Take care … hugs!! 🙂


    • Thanks for reblogging, dear Horty!

      You mean:

      a) Did you thrash a comment by accident, and do you want to restore it?

      Then, you can go to Comments in your blog, and then to Thrash (on the right), and there you can restore that comment (only possible if you did not empty the Trah box meanwhile)


      b) Did you get an unwelcome comment?

      “While a popular blog with a lot of comments can give a boost …, it can also increase the amount of spam you get, as well as negative or even harassing comments. WordPress includes a built-in blacklist filter you can use to block specific email addresses from commenting on your blog. It can also block email address domains, IP addresses and even key words that might be used in spam or negative comments.

      Step 1

      Log in to your WordPress website using your admin username and password. Go to the WordPress Dashboard. Hover the cursor over “Settings” and select “Discussion” from the drop-down menu that opens. Scroll down the page to the Blacklist section of the Discussion page.

      Step 2

      Type a full email address to block only that specific address, such as “spammer@website.com” (without quotation marks). Add any additional email addresses as needed. Every entry must be on a separate line.”




      • You didn’t understand … I received an unwelcome comment related to your blog (which I totally disagree with) and wondered if you would like to see it.

        I trashed it but have it copied. I was concerned about the famous “haters” …. 😦


        • Hi Horty, if that unwelcome comment expressed Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-African racism, homophobia, or similar bigotry, then I don’t need to see it, and the best place for it is the WordPress trashcan, and you did well thrashing it 🙂


          • Good to know … mentioned something about my “hypocrisy” in liking one of the most “hateful” blogs in the web.

            Deleted/trashed. I wondered if you knew. A few of my other blogger friends have also dealt with that. Lesson learned.

            Hugs!!! 🙂


            • Thank you, Horty! The best, I think, is not to react to comments trying to provoke a flame war on one’s blog, but rather use one’s energy for good new blog posts 🙂


                • Thanks, dear Horty! I got a comment smearing refugees from war in Somalia, and an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory … from another source, very long cut and paste jobs blaming all evil in the world on the (Jewish) Rothschild family, and yet another source praising Greek Golden Dawn nazis, and yet another one blaming all evil in the world on Muslims … they are all in the trashcan forever. So, now we can both continue to try to make good plog posts 🙂


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