Cuban city celebrates 500th anniversary

This video is about Bayamo in Cuba.

Bayamo's 500 years

From Prensa Latina news agency:

Cuban Village Celebrates 500th Anniversary

Bayamo, Cuba, Nov 5. The eastern Bayamo, first National Monument City in Cuba, celebrates today its 500th anniversary, and recalls important events in history, such as the liberation struggles against the Spanish colonial domination.

Named originally San Salvador, this was the second village built by Spanish colonizer Diego Velasquez on November 5, 1513, and is now the capital of Granma province, located in the island’s southeast region. Its first settlement is not known exactly, but soon changed its location to the aboriginal community of Bayamo, and adopted its current name.

In this province, where the modern and colonial architecture converge, the Cubans for the first time rose up in arms against the Spanish power on October 10, 1868.

Bayamo survived the flames of a fire caused by its own inhabitants, who preferred to burn the city down rather than surrendering it to colonial authorities.


Caribbean history: here.

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