Loïs Lane, live radio concert video

This is a music video of Lois Lane, singing their song My best friend, written in 1989, live on the national radio show in Hilversum on 2 November 2013.

The video was made with a cell phone, so please don’t expect professional quality 🙂

After the Hilversum radio show concerts by Berget Lewis and Rick de Leeuw, Loïs Lane came. While the two earlier acts had been on stage for half an hour both, Loïs Lane played (and was interviewed by the presenter) for one hour. Like Berget and Rick, Loïs Lane had a new album out; but theirs was also a special occasion, as it was a sort of resurrection after a long time of (near) death.

Monique Klemann, an Amsterdam singer of Indonesian-Dutch ancestry, originally founded Loïs Lane in 1984. When another singer left, she asked her elder sister Suzanne to join; as there would be an important show in the Melkweg soon. Suzanne had never sung on a stage; so, she hesitated. However, as soon as she was on the Melkweg stage, she found out that the really liked it.

Their music caught the attention of famous United States musician Prince. They became support act on tour, and recorded songs with him.

However, pregnancy and other causes put the band on the back burner. Suzanne for some time became the presenter of the radio show she played in on 2 November; but decided she liked singing better.

In the band’s new line-up, Monique’s daughter Merel sings as well. Not on 2 November, however, as Merel’s hockey team needed her then.

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