Catalonian, Spanish classical music concert

This is a list of music videos by violinist Laura Rafecas and piano player Carles Puig from Catalonia. The first item on the list is Soneti de la rosada, by Catalonian composer Eduard Toldrà.

This was also the first piece of music which Laura Rafecas played on 25 October 2014 in a chapel in Hilversum. This time together with another piano player: Roderigo Robles de Medina.

This music video is called Beethoven Piano concerto no 4, Roderigo Robles de Medina, piano, part I.

Since a few years, Roderigo Robles de Medina and Laura Rafecas play together in a project called Essences from Catalonia. They play not only Catalonian music, but also music by composers from other parts of Spain.

After Toldrà, they played Spanish Suite by Manuel de Falla. De Falla is from Cadiz, about as far from Catalonia as possible in Spain.

This video is a performance of that music by Hai-Ye Ni, on cello.

Then, the next music in Hilversum was Elegia by Federico Mompou.

Next, they played Sonata Espanola by Joaquin Turina.

This music video is called Turina, Sonata No. 2, Op. 82, Sonata Espanola, Movements 1 & 2. Performed by Alfonso Lopez violin, Michelle Tabor piano.

This music video is called Turina, Sonata No. 2, Op. 82, Espanola, Mov. 3.

This video is from September 2013 in Rotterdam. It shows the encore of the Essences of Catalonia performance, Romanza Andalusa, by Pablo de Sarasate.

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