24 thoughts on “Bahraini bosses don’t pay Indian workers

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  13. Indian Fishermen in Bahrain Seek Embassy’s Help

    By PTI

    Published: 01st June 2014 03:20 PM

    Last Updated: 01st June 2014 03:21 PM

    MANAMA: A group of 18 Indians working in the fishing industry in Bahrain today sought the Indian envoy’s intervention in getting back their passports from employers, days after the killing of an Indian fisherman by pirates.

    Ambassador Mohan Kumar met a representative of 18 workers, all from Tamil Nadu, this morning and listened to their grievances, officials said.

    “The workers informed that their passports were with their employers and there was no legal contract with the company for which they have been working,” they said.

    The mission is sending a representative along with others to the employers to get back the passports of the workers, who said they had no food for the last two days.

    “The embassy will put them on a flight to India as soon as they get all valid documents,” Ambassador Kumar told PTI.

    The development comes after Kumar asked Indian workers in Bahrain to register themselves with the embassy within a week, a move that follows the death of an Indian fisherman who was recently shot dead by pirates.

    The diplomat said an awareness campaign would be launched to educate workers about the need to have legal documents.



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