38 thoughts on “Nepalese workers dying in Qatar

      • I lived in one of these oil rich states and saw these injustices against migrant workers. Unless new labor law are enacted within 1 year, not only FIFA should remove the rights to hold FB world Cup. There should be international boycott.
        Qatar and neighboring oil rich state should should adhere to these international labor laws, among other:

        – Remove the exploitation by using non-profit international organization to hire and represent the laborers in signing the contract.
        – There should be a minimum wage and no employer should be allowed to pay less then that.
        – No employer should be able to hold back the pay. Stiff fine should be handed down.
        – Food and living conditions: There should be a minimum living standards set by the govt. Decent food should be provided by the employer.
        – If employer or their sub-contractors are found negligent. The Arab Owner should be prosecuted in a criminal case. Heavy fines should handed down and the victims family should be compensated.
        – Govt should set a maximum number of working hours per day.
        – Compensation for injury and or death should be given to the victims and the family.
        – No exit restrictions, Within the terms of the contract, any employee should be able to leave the employment, visit family at will. Passport should always be with the employee and NO VISA should be required to leave.

        Qatar should own up and make up for years of cruelty. They should build factories, open schools, create hospitals and bring prosperity in the villages of Nepal, India and other Asian countries they are originating from… but this will not happen because they are racist, slave masters. Their children are blowing Million of dollars in footbal, gambling, casinos and hotels of Europe and America while there are squeezing the life out of unfortunate of poor Asians around them.

        Qataris should be boycotted… Their $$ should not buy our politicians. No visa should be granted to Qataris… let that be a lesson to UAE, Saudis, Kuwaits and others.

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