Bahraini royals say Let them eat Fukushima food

Queen Marie Antoinette of France, 1775

Queen Marie Antoinette of France is said to have said on the eve of the French revolution, when she heard that poor people complained that they could not afford to eat bread: “Then, let them eat cake!”

Like many famous sayings, supposedly by famous people, it seems that Her Majesty never actually spoke those words.

Still, they fitted in with the bigger picture of the French royal family, the royal court and their supporters living in luxury while millions of French people lived in poverty; about which the government did not want to know.

Today, the royal family in Bahrain, an absolute monarchy like France was before the revolution, have spoken. They say: “Let our subjects eat Fukushima radioactive food!”

Like with Marie Antoinette before them, this is not literally what the Bahrain dictatorship says.

Yet, as this blog has noted, hardline Rightist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is on a trip to Bahrain and other Middle East police states. Abe is on this trip to revive Japanese militarism in cooperation with Gulf dictatorships. Abe is on this trip to promote Japanese corporate capitalist interests. Including those of Japanese nuclear corporate capitalist interests; like those of TEPCO, the corporation which caused the Fukushima disaster.

This video is called Fukushima leak: “It’s pretty active, pretty intense and it’s out of control” update 8/23/13.

Abe tries to sell Fukushima-style nuclear plants to Arab monarchies. And he tries to sell unsafe, possibly Fukushima radiation-infected Japanese food as well.

He seems to have succeeded in that in Bahrain already. The Bahraini rulers do not care that much about the health and lives of their subjects. Else, they would not use lethal teargas against pro-democracy protests. They would not torture doctors for caring for injured anti-dictatorship demonstrators. Etc.

Bernama news agency in Malaysia writes:

Bahrain Lifts Food Import Ban On Japan

TOKYO, Aug 26 — Japanese government officials confirmed Monday Bahrain will lift restrictions on food imports from Japan put in place following the March 2011 nuclear disaster, Xinhua news agency reported.

Officials said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was told of Bahrain’s decision to lift its import ban by Prince Khalifa Salman Al Khalifa, the country’s prime minister during a meeting in Bahrain’s capital Manama.

Abe is currently on a trip to four Middle Eastern and African countries.

Bahrain’s decision is the first by a member country of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that has lifted import restrictions on Japanese food products and comes on the back of Japan making an official request to Khalifa when he visited Japan in March.

Officials said they were hopeful that other GCC member states would follow suit and lift their restrictions on Japanese food imports.

Abe is the first incumbent Japanese prime minister to visit Bahrain and his six-day trip will also see him visit Kuwait, Qatar and Djibouti.

This video is called Radioactive Fish, Pacific Ocean, Fukushima Leaking, MORE Radiation update 7/11/13.

Fukushima plant faces one crisis after another — Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty: here.

Fukushima operator pleads for international help as radiation crisis deepens: here.

Outside help offered to deal with Tepco debacle: U.S., French experts also ready; water woes escalate — The Japan Times: here.

Bahrain and Japan have agreed to resume discussions to conclude a free trade agreement (FTA) in line with the latter’s hopes to turn the kingdom into a hub for trade in the region, a report said: here.

Bahraini-Japanese cooperation discussed: here.

HONG KONG: Democracy movement in Bahrain, a dialogue with Dr. Jasim Hussain, former MP of Bahrain: here.

43 thoughts on “Bahraini royals say Let them eat Fukushima food

  1. be is on this trip to promote Japanese corporate capitalist interests. Including those of Japanese nuclear corporate capitalist interests; like those of TEPCO, the corporation which caused the Fukushima disaster.

    TEPCO did not cause the Fukushima disaster, an subsea earthquake and tsunami did … TEPCO were just very inept in their response and (non)recovery plan


    • OK, the immediate causes of the Fukushima disaster were, of course, the earthquake and tsunami. However, long before these, TEPCO had prepared the ground for that to happen by building a nuclear plant at a place where, sooner or later, there was bound to be an earthquake and a tsunami.


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  19. Bahrain-Japan cooperation in the human rights field discussed

    03 : 41 PM – 11/12/2013

    Manama, Dec. 11. (BNA) – Human Rights Affairs Minister Dr. Salah bin Ali Abdulrahman received here today the Japanese Ambassador to Bahrain Shigeki Sumi.

    Dr. Salah praised the solid deep-rooted friendly relations bonding Bahrain and Japan in all fields, noting that those distinguished ties were consolidated further by visits of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, as well as other exchanged visits of officials from both countries.

    He highlighted the kingdom’s desire to avail of friendly Japan’s advanced and pioneering experiences in various fields, especially regarding spreading legal and human rights awareness, promoting the state of law and institutions and respecting constitutional establishments.

    The Minister also spoke about the recent report issued by the government regarding the progress of the implementation process of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), affirming that the process started since the publication of the report and the issuance of the Royal directives to implement all the recommendations.

    He also discussed with the Japanese envoy ways of enhancing joint cooperation, coordination and exchange of experiences and expertise in the human rights field, noting that a government delegation will visit Japan in 2014 to be informed about its developed legal and human rights experience.

    Ambassador Sumi welcomed the visit of the kingdom’s delegation to his country, adding that he will put forward a fruitful programme, and arrange meetings with a number Japanese officials, leaders and human rights organisations so as to enable Bahrain to benefit from his country’s legal and human rights experience.

    W H Q

    BNA 1248 GMT 2013/12/11


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