Nineteen-year-old cyclist joins brother in Tour de France

This video from the USA says about itself:

Jake Keough & Boy van Poppel bike tricks

May 3, 2011

Jake and Boy entertain the school children during a visit to Riverview Charter School in Beaufort, South Carolina, where the Team talked about exercise, healthy food and bike safety. It was a great day with the kids!

Danny van Poppel is a nineteen-year-old Dutch cyclist.

This summer, from 29 June to 21 July, if all goes well, then Danny will ride in the thousands of miles long Tour De France contest.

That will make Danny van Poppel the youngest Tour de France participant ever since World War II. And the youngest Dutch Tour de France cyclist of all time.

Danny will not be on his own in the Tour. His big twenty-five-year old brother Boy van Poppel will participate in the same team.

Boy may have more cycling experience than Danny. Not in the Tour de France however. This will also be Boy’s first Tour; and he is happy that the brothers may support each other mutually.

Someone who does have much Tour experience is Boy’s and Danny’s father, Jean Paul van Poppel. He started in this event several times; and won 9 stages overall.

Jean Paul van Poppel will be coach for his sons’ team in this year’s Tour.

His strong point was not riding up mountains; it was bunch sprint finishes. His two sons are similar to him in this. Danny is good at short time trials.

Now, for Danny and Boy, a music video of the Irish song Danny Boy.

The video shows Irish scenery.

I really hope that this year in the Tour there won’t be doping scandals, like with Lance Armstrong and others in earlier years.

This year is a special contest; it is Tour #100.

The start will be in Corsica. Some of the stages will be in England.

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