Workers in Oman on strike

This video says about itself:

Oman Dry Dock Worker “Mass Walk OUT” Oct.16,2012. Workers decide not to ride the bus as a protest. Hundreds of employees walk 1 and half hour from Oman dry dock to dormitory, the terrain is very dusty and hot, the safety officers and managers tried to stop them but the workers denied there requests .. some workers who joined the mass walkout feel dizzy on the walk. The walk started 5 pm after the end of 8 hrs working; they arrived in the dormitory close to 7pm tired and thirsty.

From the World Socialist Web Site, 15 March 2013:

South Asian labourers down tools in Oman

Thousands of South Asian labourers working on the expansion of Muscat airport in Oman downed tools after a colleague died in an accident on site.

According to Reuters, the Indian worker died late on Monday when he was run over by a bus belonging to the contractor.

“We will not go to work today unless our company assures us that they will revise safety standards in our workplace,” Mohan Raman, a worker with BEB, told Reuters.

The work stoppage is expected to further delay the US$1.8 billion contract to build a new terminal, which the government awarded in 2010 to BEB, a joint venture of US company Bechtel and Turkey’s Enka.

2 thoughts on “Workers in Oman on strike

  1. Activists praise blanket pardon

    OMAN: International rights groups today hailed the country’s decision to pardon all activists jailed for offending the nation’s ruler.

    Dozens of people have been charged since 2011 for blogs, Twitter messages and other posts deemed insulting or a threat to state security.

    Amnesty International called the decision a positive step and urged the authorities to further lift restrictions on freedom of expression.


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