Britain: US dollars for honours scandal. Bechtel corporation etc.

Bush, Bechtel, and Iraq; cartoon

From The Observer (Britain):

The government has been secretly awarding honours to senior figures in the US military and foreign businessmen with lucrative public sector contracts.

The Observer has obtained a Foreign Office list detailing all non-British citizens who have been awarded honours since 2003 – the first time the complete three-year dossier has been released.

It has emerged that Riley Bechtel, billionaire boss of the US-based Bechtel Corporation, which has won big transport and nuclear contracts in Britain and made a fortune from the Iraq war, was secretly awarded a CBE [Commander of the British Empire] in 2003.

This award has never been made public either by the British government or Bechtel.

See also here.

4 thoughts on “Britain: US dollars for honours scandal. Bechtel corporation etc.

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