Oil workers strike in dictatorial Oman

This video says about itself:

July 20, 2012

France 24 report on human rights defenders in Oman, including the case of Habiba Al-Hinai and her colleagues who were detained while supporting striking oil workers.

From the World Socialist Web Site, 28 June 2013:

Oman petroleum company employees go on strike

Oil workers struck at two Omani private petrochemical companies Monday. According to gulfnews.com the workers are employed by the Oman Methanol Holding Company (OMC), an Omar Zawawi Establishment joint venture with Trinidad-based Methanol Holding International Limited (MHIL).

The OMC staff struck at the Sohar Industrial Port. Dalma Energy employees at Muscat also went on strike.

Strikers are fighting the non-compliance by the company of the Manpower Ministry’s decision mandating annual salary increases for private sector workers in Oman.

The decision of the ministry, which came into effect in January, last year, decrees that every private sector employee is entitled to a three percent salary increase every year.

The Dalma Energy workers are striking for comprehensive health coverage for family members and comprehensive salary during annual leave. Employees are also demanding removal of the company’s human resource manager.

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