Libyan oil workers on strike

This video is called Libyan oil workers protest corruption and poor management of the Waha Oil Company in the capital Tripoli.

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Libyan oil workers strike

Oil workers at the Zueitina Oil Company went on strike Monday. The strike began at the 103 D Field, spreading to 103 A and the Zala oilfields and then the port. They are demanding management personnel changes.

Last week, in a separate dispute, production workers at Mellitah Oil’s Elephant (El-Fil) field came out on strike. There has been a series of disputes at oil fields and terminal facilities over various issues over recent months.

Oil production in Libya is down from its peak of 1.6 million barrels a day prior to the ousting and murder of Gaddafi to its present figure of less than a million barrels a day.

See also here.

French honorary consul in Benghazi survives gun attack: here.

Libya: Young Libyans Face Tough Job Prospects: here.

Libyan protesters call for armed militias to be disbanded: here.

Over the weekend, all hell broke loose in Libya, in worrying ways that suggest that the government is entering new depths of paralysis and incompetence, and the terrorist cells based in Benghazi are making a play for genuine power: here.

5 thoughts on “Libyan oil workers on strike

  1. Libyan soldiers to train in Britain

    Tuesday 09 July 2013

    Libya: Up to 2,000 Libyan troops are to be brought to Britain for training, the government announced today.

    Foreign Secretary William Hague said the soldiers, who would arrive in groups, would be trained by the British army at Bassingbourn Barracks.

    The Libyan government is to cover the costs of the training and has guaranteed all those successfully trained in Britain will be returned to Libya and reintegrated into the Libyan armed forces.

    Stop the War Coalition spokeswoman Lindsey German said: “There is complete chaos in the country and it is clearly running out of control.”


  2. Deputy PM quits over violence

    LIBYA: Deputy Prime Minister Awad al-Barassi resigned on Saturday over the nightmare violence racking the country.

    Mr Barassi said that a “fearful number of assassinations of honourable people” stemmed from failed government policies.

    In the last week of July assassins killed a leading lawyer and activist and a former top security official.


  3. Libyan oil workers’ action continue to affect production

    Oil exports from Libya have been cut as a result of ongoing industrial action and security concerns. At the beginning of the week, security guards at two of Libya’s main crude oil terminals, Es Sider and Ras Lanuf resumed their strike shortly after ending a previous two-week stoppage.

    Libyan officials also raised concerns that oilfields and export terminals are being disrupted as militia groups fight for security contracts. Government figures seek to suggest oil production is back to pre-NATO intervention levels but a Voice of America (VOA) report states insiders say the true figures are a quarter of a billion barrels a day lower than the government figures.

    VOA quoted a foreign oil consultant saying: “The Libyan government is still a long way from consolidation control of the country’s oilfields, pipelines and ports.”


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