New birds-of-paradise website

This video is called Birds-of-Paradise Project.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Cornell Lab eNews

February 2013

Explore new multimedia website about the Birds-of-Paradise Project

The new website helps explain the Red Bird-of-Paradise‘s lovely display, and much more. Photo by Tim Laman.

Science and Beauty Converge on New Birds-of-Paradise Website

Come along with us in the next phase of the Birds-of-Paradise Project: a new website that uses high-definition video to explore the science of these exquisite birds. The site features 35 videos, expert narration by the project scientists, plus sounds, slideshows, and downloadable lessons for educators. We’ll show you how the males create their jaw-dropping colors, shapes, and dances. And we’ll show you why it’s the subdued females that end up in the most powerful roles. Explore the site.

Looking for recommendations? Here are a few of our favorites to start with:

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