Artists helping fish

This video is called North Sea clip – Fish: Small-spotted Catshark, Atlantic Cod, Bull Rout, Common goby, Atlantic horse mackerel.

From the Fisheries Secretariat in Sweden:

Be an artist, save a fish!

Published: 15/01/2013

The “Paint a Fish” campaign is a straightforward concept. It asks members of the public to simply paint fish, but the aspiration behind the project is to engage and educate the younger generations in the protection of fish stocks, while also encouraging decision-makers to do the same as the CFP reform draws to a close.

Their website features several resources for schools, aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 16. These provide fact sheets on fisheries, activities and exercises, and lesson plans for teachers.

All the fish submitted to the campaign will be uploaded to their website “to create a colourful fish stock that will call on EU leaders to refill our seas by restoring fish stocks to their maximum sustainable yield (MSY)”. Already several MEPs have submitted their fish, so join them to campaign for a CFP reform which ensures that fish stocks are rebuilt for future generations.

The campaign has been initiated by the new economics foundation (nef).


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1 thought on “Artists helping fish

  1. Pockberger, M., F. Kellnreitner, H. Ahnelt, R. Asmus en H. Asmus (2014). An abundant small sized fish as keystone species? The effect of Pomatoschistus microps on food webs and its trophic role in two intertidal benthic communities: A modeling approach. Journal of Sea Research 86, p86-96.


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