United Arab Emirates dictatorship arrests critics

This video from the USA is called Torture Tape didn’t cancel Bush’s warm welcoming of UAE Royal Sheikh.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Cairo, Egypt):

Egypt: UAE Increases Its Violations By Arresting an Emiriti Activist and an Egyptian Journalist in Its Territories

1 January 2013

press release

ANHRI denounces the escalation of the UAE authorities against the activists and the journalists by arresting an Emirati activist and an Egyptian journalist working in Al-Ittihad newspaper.

On December 29, 2012, the security forces arrested the young Emirati “Saud Kaleb” from Ras Al-Khaimah without anyone knowing the reasons of the arrest or the place of detention, to join the list of the detainees which included 74 detainees, there are no clear charges pressed on them, the place of detention is not known for them and a lot of them weren’t represented before the prosecution or the court.

In related context and according to “Maryam Ahmed Gafar” the daughter of “Dr. Ahmed Gafar” the journalist in Al Ittihad newspaper on this December 14, to be added to the three Egyptian doctors who were arrested on this December 18. She said to media that her father called them at the day of arrest and told them that the UAE authorities asked to meet him in a hotel beside his place of residency before he was taken to his home. Then they seized his 3 laptops in addition to papers and documents belonging to him. The authorities also shut down the company for media training in Dubai and sized all the documents and papers of the company.

She added that “she and her family don’t know any thing about “Dr. Ahmed Gafar” since his arrest and they don’t know what are the charges pressed against him nor the place of arrest. The UAE authorities refrain from giving them information related to her father.

The reports about the arrest of other Egyptians in UAE and ANHRI didn’t verify this news or didn’t have information regarding the process of the arrest.

ANHRI said that “the persistence in the furious campaign against the activists and reforms in UAE without clear and specific charges or the place of detention, require a prompt and decisive intervention from the international and regional organizations to press the authorities to commit to pledges and obligations that UAE signed in respect of human rights”.

ANHRI demands that the authorities immediately release the detainees of opinion and conscience in the prisons or announce the charges pressed on them in addition to commit them to trial, which applies the conditions of fair trials and should be attended by representatives of local and international organizations.

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