United Arab Emirates Internet censorship

This video is called UAE Governement Bans Online Political Dissent After Joining UN Human Rights Committee.

From the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (Cairo, Egypt):

Egypt: ANHRI Calls on the UAE Authorities to Immediately Revoke the Law Which Takes All the Freedoms Away

14 November 2012

press release

Cairo — ANHRI expresses its deep concerns regarding the new law issued by the UAE, the law of combating the IT crimes.

ANHRI mentioned that the new law includes some articles which guarantee the protection to some information on the internet like the credit cards, bank accounts, any Internet payments methods, or any method used in electronic forgery but in the same time the law includes several articles that take away the freedom of expression. In addition to such, elastic provisions will allow the country to prosecute several citizens on unknown charges to send them to jail, like mixing honey with poison.

The new law includes a lot of articles that take away the freedom of opinion and expression in addition to information exchanges, such as:

Legal prosecution to whoever present electronic pictures, audio records even it is correct and punish him in addition to punishing whoever call for peaceful demonstrations or marches;

Legal prosecuting to whoever about whom the authorities say they are not subject to the law of the state or whoever violate its basic principles of the regime system in the state or whoever wants to overthrow the regime in addition to punishing whoever uses the Internet or any of its IT means to mock, damage the reputation, prestige or the state’s position or any of its foundation, president, deputy, rulers, crown princes, representatives, flag, national peace, slogan, national anthem or figures.

The legal prosecution to whoever providing false, inaccurate or misleading information to any of the organizations, institutions, bodies or any entities which could affect the interests or insults the position, reputation or the prestige of the state.

The Decree law allows the court to confiscate the equipments, programs or means used in committing any violation, close the place or the website, totally, partly or for a period of time.

ANHRI said that “the authorities’ issuance of such law which restricts all the means of freedom of expression and exchange of information in the country to find a justification to campaign of arrests of all the activists who call for democracy in the country and until now their charges are still unknown in the light of the pressure practiced on the UAE regime to reveal the places of were these activists are jailed”.

ANHRI said that this law will empower the authorities to send anyone to jail at any time without any problems due to these elastic articles. The law appears to protect the privacy and freedoms but it actually takes away all the freedoms and it is a means to send a wide number of citizens and activists who call for freedoms to jail in a legal form; but such a form is repressive.

ANHRI added that this law proves with no doubt that the UAE persistently silences the voices of the opposition which calls for freedom and democracy. It proves also that it does not have the intention to change its total control the judicial authorities. The regime also aims to politicize the judgments issued and use them as a repressive tool to serve the dictatorship regime.

ANHRI calls on the UAE to revoke such a repressive law and to be bound by the international treaties and law which the UAE has signed.

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4 thoughts on “United Arab Emirates Internet censorship

  1. On facebook there was a vote in regard to the allowance of a mosque inside the newly built Twin Towers. I voted that all people should have the freedom to attend their own religious services inside the twin towers available to them. There is a large amount of population that are muslims who live around that area who are peaceful and love their God. I felt that if they were going to discriminate than allowing each religious sect who were interested in a floor or area designated for their particular religious practices then anyone interested should all have it available to them. The area in now a very spiritual place. I felt the spirituality there when I walked into the twin towers just prior to 911 occuring. If people in the area desired a mosque than they should not be discriminated against due to wanting the same respects as any other religious practices that would be granted to anyone else. People argued with me stating that it would be a horrendous thing to allow a mosque to be built due to Muslims committing a terroristic act, etc. I kept arguing with them due to one extremist sect of in their eyes retailiating terrorism for terrorism is what occured on 911 at the time. Al Quida felt that it was a retailiation for the terrorism that they had encounter in their arguments. I even lost a cousin in the first tower on 911. Therefore, anyone arguing with me in regard to how I feel about this issue was futile to me. Not all muslims terrorized Manhattan a sect of them did. My views in regards to this issue in 3 1/2 years since that vote and arguements that ensued upon me in regard to it have not changed. So, I asked those hypocrites who argued with me who probably do not even attend their christian services but 1 or 2 times a year to not attack me for comprehending the above, rather than chose discrimination on anyone religious practices or non-religious practices. They should go to church and read their bibles before an on-slaught of attacks upon my opinion for freedom of religion for a community that wants to show that they are peaceful people and not the monsters that attack them for a sector of their religion instead. I do not tell them who to believe in and or to judge, they do not have any rights above my choices in regard to a peoples freedoms in the United States for their religion. Force and fear tactics upon me have been futile.


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