New York City turtles

There are turtles in New York City. No, I don’t mean pet turtles. Or these turtles.

Wild turtles. Like beavers have returned recently.

This video from the USA is called Surveying Turtles on the Bronx River

The Wildlife Conservation Society says about this video:

Alongside local government and action groups, we’ve undertaken restoration of the Bronx River. Once plagued by pollution, the New York waterway now shelters herring, egrets, muskrats, and snapping turtles. Take a virtual canoe trip down its banks and meet some of the local swimmers.

9 thoughts on “New York City turtles

  1. We’re fairly sure that we saw a Wolf on the way home on Sunday. Unfortunately it was dead and there was nowhere to stop – but I can’t imagine that somebody’s mega-expensive pedigree Husky or Malamute would be abandoned on the side of the road…


      • It was on the A12, north of the M25 in England.

        I certainly *hope* it was a Wolf and not an expensive dog that had escaped, been stolen or callously abandoned. I didn’t get a good look, but my husband says it was very wolf-like and seemed too laege to be much else.

        If it had been alive and somebody’s pet we would have risked a shunt to get it to safety.


          • I’d wondered about that, as I’ve heard that Wolves were being slowly re-introduced. I’ll have to get my Googling head on and try to find out more. It would be wonderful if the rumours I heard are true 🙂


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