Byzantine coins discovery in Egypt

This video is called 610 – 641 A.D. Gold solidus of Byzantine Emperor Heraclius.

From the Egypt State Information Service (Cairo):

Egypt: Antiquities Ministry – Byzantine Coins Found

27 November 2012

Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Ali has announced the discovery of two ancient coins dating back to the Byzantine era at Tel Kuf al-Ghurf, Mahmoudiya, in Beheira Governorate.

Ali said the discovery was made by a mission from the University of Milan.

He said the discovery is significant because it gives a clear view of the shape of coins during the Byzantine era, adding that both pieces reflected the accuracy and skillfulness of their maker. The two items weigh 4.3 and 4.27 grams.

One side of the first coin bears the image of Emperor Phocas (AD 602-610), hoisting a cross with his right hand that shows his name, while the other side shows the king holding a stick in his right hand and a cross in his left.

The other piece bears on one of its sides the image of Emperor Heraclius (AD 610-640), along with his sons Constantine III and Heraclius II, while the other side has the image of a crooked cross.

Byzantine Treasure Found in Ancient Trash Pit: here.

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