6 thoughts on “British miners’ solidarity with South Africa

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  5. Calling for suggestions of miners’ poems

    Wednesday 24 October 2012

    I was pleased to see the review (M Star October 18) of the Waterloo Press book The Exile’s House by Ian Parks, particularly because the review concentrated on the poems on the miners’ strike written by Ian.

    As well as the forthcoming book of Yorkshire poetry he is editing for Five Leaves (accidently credited to our friends at Rack Press elsewhere in the same issue), Ian is starting work on editing a book of poetry about the mining industry, including the Great Strike, to be published by us in 2014 on the 30th anniversary of the strike year.

    There are many poems about the strike, but a longer seam of poetry on mining, including by the Welsh miner and, later, teacher Idris Davies whose Bells of Rhymney was turned into a folk song sung by Pete Seeger and The Byrds – among others. We would be pleased to hear of other suggestions of published poems about mining from any era.

    Please contact us on info@fiveleaves.co.uk or at Ross Bradshaw, Five Leaves Publications, PO Box 8786, Nottingham NG1 9AW.

    Ross Bradshaw



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