3 thoughts on “South African strikers win 22% pay rise

  1. South Africa hero hits out at police brutality

    Friday 17 May 2013

    Leading anti-apartheid fighter Ronnie Kasrils hit out at South Africa’s police force today.

    After a succession of accusations about its brutal methods, Mr Kasrils, who served in the first democratically elected South African government, said: “This is not what we fought for.

    “The Nelson Mandela I know would have been outraged at such police brutality.”

    The police insist that increased video monitoring has given the impression that abuse is increasing, while official statistics show a slight decrease.

    But victims speak of methods which routinely involved having plastic bags put over their head and being beaten, kicked and whipped.

    A South African Police Service spokesman said the problem was down to just “a few bad apples.”

    Mr Kasrils insisted a lack of action by the ANC government was partly to blame. “This is systemic in the police force and someone has to take responsibility for it.”



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