Economist Stiglitz on inequality in the USA

This video from the USA is called Joseph Stiglitz – “Market Fundamentalism Is Dead”.

Joseph E. Stiglitz | The Price of Inequality. Joseph E. Stiglitz, Project Syndicate: “America likes to think of itself as a land of opportunity, and others view it in much the same light. But, while we can all think of examples of Americans who rose to the top on their own, what really matters are the statistics … Nowadays, these numbers show that the American dream is a myth. There is less equality of opportunity in the United States today than there is in Europe – or, indeed, in any advanced industrial country for which there are data”: here.

A new study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities details the explosive growth in income inequality throughout the United States over the past three decades. The report, entitled Pulling Apart, is unique in that it breaks down data regarding inequality to the state level, demonstrating that “the growth in income inequality since the late 1970s has not been a geographically isolated phenomenon”: here.

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